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What is Honestypot?

Honestypot is a music and audio mixing service for the 21st century. We love to mix!

Purely Illustrative Knobs!

Many people just want to get on and make music. They have a good idea, record it to their computer and then find that they struggle to realise their vision. Plenty of people don't want to become mix engineers, learn, much less understand, the intricacies of audio processing or fathom out the complexities of mixing down their tracks.

They just want their music to sound as good as possible!

Well, guess what? So do we!

Honestypot will take the raw files you've recorded (be they from softsynths or 'real' recordings of people playing instruments etc) and will mix them for you. It's a simple enough service. If you love to make and record music but want someone else to mix it and make it sound good for you that's what we're here for.

So why call it Honestypot?

Basically we're hopeless idealists and we believe that one way to increase the amount of trust in the world is to place more trust in the world ourselves. To this end Honestypot is runs an 'Honour System' for payments.

We don't do contracts, petty legalities, pricing or any of that ugly corporate stuff we just love to mix!

This is not a free mixing service, but it is a new way of pricing and paying for mixing services.

You know when you drive around the country you often see people have a little stall selling garden produce, or eggs, or whatever, and it's an unattended stall with an 'honesty pot' for you to put the money in if you take the goods. Well that's what we're trying here.




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