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We run an entirely software based studio. This enables us to turn projects around quickly and to have total recall of all parameters in a mix. Which, for you, means that we can go back to your mixes and effect simple changes and adaptations quickly and efficiently until you have the mix you deserve.

We recently migrated to Cockos REAPER as our mixing platform of choice, combined with AATranslator, this gives us the ability to take and work with files in a huge number of formats, including those made in Protools. We also keep a copy of Cakewalk's 'Sonar' Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) running should we need to read those files (and because it was our weapon of choice for many years before moving to REAPER)

Our lead mixer has over a decade of experience using computers to record, produce and mix music from just about every genre imaginable (and few that we hadn't imagined before we came across them!).

We mix using expensive 'studio monitor' speakers in an acoustically treated environment. The 'Speakers of Love' (as the expensive speakers are referred to) are made by PMC. They are complimented by 'The Speakers of Hate' (some thrift shop throwaways ;-)) are used to represent the 'real world' listening environment of most people. This system helps us ensure your mix will 'translate' accurately across all listening systems.

One of the reasons you might be using Honestypot is to keep your life free of the sort of boring technical detail that plagues music making in the software age. If the info on this page doesn't make any sense to you don't worry! Just drop us an email and we'll talk you through what you need to do step-by-step.

For the best results we need the individual files / tracks of your project in .wav format. Normally we work with 24bit 44.1khz files although we have the capability to work with files at sample rates up to 96khz.

We can accept files as 'plain' .wavs, we can also accept files bundled up in the .omf format (there are a number of DAW's that can import and export this file type) and of course, if you are using Cakewalk Sonar, you will be able to send us .cwb files and .cwp (with an associated audio folder) and if you use REAPER we can take .RPP files too.

If you are sending us plain .wav files it is of great use to us that they are labled succinctly and accurately and that they all start at same place / time so that we can realign them with each other in our mixing system.

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