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How it works in practice

If you want us to mix a song / track(s) for you just get in touch and say 'Hello' We're very friendly people and, did we mention, we love to mix!

Tell us a bit about yourself, let us know what you want to achieve, how far you've got and what you've got (check out the 'Technicalities' page for a better idea of what relevant info to include) if you've already attempted a mix yourself you might want to send us a snippet so we can get a better idea of what you've got going on.

We'll let you know if we feel we can help you, to mix your music, and try to give you an idea of how long it will take us (both in terms of the time we'd put in to mixing but also, because the queue for work is different at different times, when we'll be able to return your mix to you). If we're really busy it may take us a while to fit even small projects in.

If we agree to do the mix for you, and you want to use the service, you will be provided with an upload link where you can put all the relevant files for us to mix. We'll grab the files from there, load them in to the studio mix them and return the mixes to you (and because this is a personal service we will be in contact with you at various points with demo mixes, ideas and so on to help make sure you get the product you deserve at the end of it).

Once the project is done we'll give you an idea of how much work went in to creating your delivarables and you will be asked to assess the value you place on that work and make a payment accordingly.



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